Drilling can be used to to drill openings into various materials such as concrete, stone or rock.

When drilling on-reinforced concrete or brickwork, a frame-mounted machine is commonly used. While Percussion and rock drilling use a hammer action technique which vibrates the material loose with steel or tungsten carbide tips, clearing the hole as it proceeds.

Small drills are commonly used for dowel bar insertion and resin anchors, due to the rough sidewalls that are left once drilled.

With the larger machines, the access and ground conditions dictate the drilling system to be used.

For smaller diameters, restricted access and shorter anchorages, a compact drifter rig is ideally suited.

We use a wide selection of drills available for such diverse operations as drilling through rocj and mass material for installing lighting conductor earthing rods and location voids prior to pressure grouting on coastal defenses.



Typical Applications include:

  • Dowel Bar insertion
  • Resin Anchoring
  • Furnace and anchor drilling
  • Rock Drilling
  • Restricted Access Drilling
  • Lighting Conductor Installation
  • Earthing Rods