Concrete Scanning


GPRS enables to locate rebar, post tension cables, tanks, utilities, voids, pipe, conduit, and underground objects by using the most advanced in ground penetrating radar and services location technology.

Using the latest in scanning equipment, we can look as deep at 16 inches to identify obstructions before you potentially cut into them. Weak Concrete is present when rebar is laying on bottom sometimes and concrete is too thin for designed use.


Our High-Frequency Radar Concrete Imaging service, or Concrete Scanning for short, uses a powerful new radar system for the non-destructive testing of concrete and asphalt testing. This includes the detection of: – Rebar, Post-tension cables, Conduit inside concrete slabs and forms.

Information about the location of these features is invaluable to construction professionals involved in cutting, coring or drilling of concrete structures and require safe and reliable means of inspecting work areas.




Our highly trained Concrete Scanning engineers scan concrete structures and present data results clearly, allowing contractors to detect and identify hidden features that could damage machinery, or pose a danger to the operator or the structure itself during cutting, coring or drilling of concrete structures.

Final results can usually be provided in real-time so that results can be communicated to designers and engineers while on site.

Typical Applications include:

  • Determining concrete cover thickness above rebar or resurface mesh
  • Imaging a section of concrete floor to avoid rebar and potential electrical conduit prior to coring activities
  • Determining presence and configuration ot steel reinforcement
  • Determining thickness of concrete slabs or asphalt pavement
  • Identifying the location of post-tension cables
  • Identifying areas of concrete deterioration